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Re: Young Players Available

By WarEagle
5/22/2015 6:05 am
I have a bunch of nice young players available for trade.

Two of these players is in their 4th year. The rest are 3 years or less.

Primarily looking for draft picks and good, young-ish OL.


http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/3256 CB Dinsmore
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/837 CB Lewis
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/728 SS Franco
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/3311 MLB Thompson
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/1312 WLB Pritchard
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/721 SLB McArthur
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/3198 RB Wynn
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/2137 RB Ruiz
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/629 RB Kelley
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/120 QB Norton
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/645 QB Curry
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/2700 TE Johnston
http://mfn11.myfootballnow.com/player/2321 WR Kimball
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